Parth feels responsible toward the environment we inhabit. It is our constant endevour to incorporate into our manufacturing system such processes which will sustain our ecosystem and provide a healthy environment both for our employees and the communities we inhabit.

Parth believes that we not only provide a product to our customers. We also make a positive contribution to their lives. This realization leads us to act with responsibility and sensitivity, consciously trying to reduce the carbon footprint by making our products as widely recyclable as possible. All our manufacturing units have a waste reduction program in place. We make sure all relevant accreditations are in place. Our units are DMF-USFDA certified.

As an ethically, socially and ecologically responsible organization, Parth Foils places a premium on dealing fairly with employees, commercial partners, government authorities and the public. Success in its business ventures depends upon maintaining the trust of these essential stake-holders. Waste reductions programs are in place at our sites. In compliance to international safety standards and global certifications, we run regular, routine as well as need based training programs for all team members to sensitize them toward the importance of sustaining the environment we live in.


In pursuance of the 'WHO' slogan of 'Better quality of life through better packaging,' EHS initiatives are at the core of our imbibed philosophy.

By 2015, we plan to launch

At least one secondary school, financed and operated by Parth Foils

An old age home for senior citizens who require emotional and financial support

A Trust for medical support to the underprivileged sections of society

Sponsorships for deserving students in premium packaging institutes