Our Partnership with Perlen Packaging

Perlen Packaging (www.perlenpackaging.com) is an internationally active group of companies in the field of film manufacturing and film coating and is exclusively focussed on providing comprehensive thermoforming and (high) barrier thermoforming packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical sector. Very recently they have entered in to a strategic partnership with Parth Foils (www.parthgroup.co.in), India to exclusively promote their products in this country.

Listing down the advantages that will accrue to the Indian Pharmaceutical companies out of this partnership


      Technical / data based / documentation support

      Easily availability (Parth Foils will stock, slit and sell besides facilitating direct imports for large buyers)

      Availability of cost effective high barrier films (at least 10 % less expensive vis a vis ACLAR)

      Product optimization initiatives based on the wide range of barrier film structures on offer


      Once the API is known along with barrier/ shelf life requirements

      Perlen Packaging, utilizing their existing data can suggest one to two alternate packaging solutions

      Stability studies can then be carried out with the recommended structures


      Supplies from Perlen Packaging meet the Japanese quality standards

      Thereby Perlen Packaging can facilitate the efforts of the Indian Pharmaceutical companies to expand in to the         Japanese Market


      For pharmaceutical companies wanting to effect a quick turnaround vis a vis export orders, they can immediately        use Perlen Packaging range of products as the same has wide acceptability and approval in the regulated markets